Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Essence of the Ukulele

I was fortunate enough to share the stage with Snidely Sidewinder and the Unrepentant Uke Boys, a band who, as I mentioned to the packed house at the Coffee Bar, has captured the essence of the Ukulele.  The group started early this year, featuring members of varied musical experience, from absolute beginner to composition professor, but they all went through the process of learning the ukulele together.  The point of this group is not to be the most musically amazing thing you've ever seen, but to be an act, an experience, something bigger than the music.

The Snidely Sidewinder show has become immensely popular in Spartanburg, SC because it is fun and accessible to everybody.  Who doesn't get into a show where you are encouraged to wear a fake mustache?

Not only is Snidely Sidewinder Spartanburg's finest all-ukulele band, but they are the Hub City's most bike friendly band, as they bike commute to many of their gigs around town.  Check them out if you get the chance!

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