Monday, October 25, 2010


I can't believe it's already been over a week since I left Washington, DC.  Lots to talk about so I'll get right to it.


I was very lucky to be added last minute to the Four Mile Run Farmers Market and had a great morning playing for those guys and reconnecting with some of the folks from Velocity.


Had a really fun show and some great mexican food at the Little Grill.  Nick Melas played a great opening set and it was a lot of fun to hang out with all those connected with the Little Grill and the Petrol-Free Gypsy Carnival Tour, and amazing bicycle musical tour that happens every May and powers their PA system with bicycle generators.  I also made a sweet purchase (pictured below) at Roses - the Ocean State Job Lot of the south.


After a day of riding the mist/rain and up and over Rockfish Gap, I ended up in Charlottesville for a wonderful community-based evening.  The folks at Random Row Books had organized a community dinner with donated food and a great turnout enjoyed a meal of pasta with eggplant sauce, 2 salads, sweet potatoes and french bread, while seated around a makeshift banquet style table.  The show was really fun, and I was really glad to see some great kids  (and great adults) have a great time.


Lynchburg Grows put on a really amazing fundraising event and in addition to splitting the donations, got 10% of the proceeds from Rivermont Pizza in the process.  Rivermont Pizza created a special menu using produce from the 6 acre urban farm and it was all amazing.  The evening was a true celebration of a great group of people who are doing some fantastic work.  I was fortunate enough to stick around on Friday as well and help out on the farm, which was the best possible way to spend a day off from riding.  Lynchburg Grows is a really cool operation, and I recommend stopping by if you are anywhere near Lynchburg.  A special thanks to all those who made me feel at home on my visit!


Really cool show in Roanoke at Sharebike, with probably the best percussion section of the tour and some great dialogue with the audience about my observations of the tour.  Riding in and out of Roanoke, although hilly (some might say mountainous) was some of the most beautiful rides of the trip.  Also it had been 70 degrees and sunny with out fail from Thursday-Sunday.

These trains are full of Coal which is obtained my chopping off mountaintops in West Virginia and is sent by train through Roanoke to Portsmouth Harbor on the VA coast where it is shipped around the world (mostly China, I'm told).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ukulele by Bicycle Part 1: Photo Slideshow

A photo journal of the first leg of the tour in which I rode 900 miles and played 17 concerts between Portland, ME and Washington, DC.  August 16 - September 10, 2010.