Friday, June 4, 2010


Ukulele songwriter Aaron Lee will be promoting community building with the Ukulele by Bicycle Tour, planned for August 2010.  The tour will consist of series of concerts in communities across New England, New York and Pennsylvania.  Lee will ride his bicycle between them, carrying everything that he needs and camping out along the way.   Shows will be set up 50-60 miles apart, and Lee plans on performing 4-5 times per week.  Each show will benefit an organization that is doing work in the local community.  In this way, the concert will provide a positive community experience as well as raise awareness for a local organization.  In a global sense, the tour will promote the causes of living simply and sustainably (hence tour by bicycle), acting locally (working with a local organization), and the energy of bringing people together (the event will be a reason to get together).

In February of 2010, Lee released The Ukulele Project, a 14 song record in which all of the songs creatively and intentionally feature the word ukulele.  Lee has performed all over New England both as a solo act and with his ukulele, piano, and upright bass trio.