Friday, September 21, 2012

Diga Diga Doo in Karlsruhe, Germany

In august, I went on a bicycle tour between the Netherlands and northern Italy. The trip was mostly non-ukulele related, but did include an evening of ukulele tunes with friends in Karlsruhe, Germany:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spring Tour Documentary

It's been a long time, relatively, since the spring tour, but I've finally finished editing the video footage. The spring tour documentary includes 4 segments, which can be viewed here, or on youtube.

Part 1 includes an introduction to the tours values and some reflections on the music. Part 2 takes us to Spartanburg, SC for visits with Partners for Active Living and Snidely Sidewinder and the Unrepentant Uke Boys. In part 3, some fans name their favorite tunes and we learn about the Looking Glass Artists Collective, Urban Harvest Greensboro, the Monkey Bottom Collaborative and Lynchburg Grows. Part 4 features Friends of the Rappahannock, Phoenix Bikes and the Velocipede Bike Project as well as the truth about the mustache.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two Ukuleles are Better than One

Ukulele performer and bicycle tourist, Aaron Lee is back on the road again - and with some company this time. Lee joins forces with fellow ukuleleist Tucker Louisos-Daniels for a short tour in Maine that they have dubbed the "Two Ukuleles are Better Than One Tour." The pair will be riding bicycles to transport themselves, and their gear, between shows.

Last year, Lee launched the "Ukulele by Bicycle Tour" and has been traveling between concerts by bicycle on and off for much of the past year, logging over 4000 miles and performing more than 80 shows, many of which are partnerships with community organizations that share the tour's values of community, local action and sustainability.

"I've been trying to get somebody to ride with me for a long time," said Lee, when asked if he ever gets lonely on the road.

Lee and Louisos-Daniels promise a fun mix of cover songs, including many that you would never expect to hear on a ukulele, and originals from Lee's album, "The Ukulele Project," in which each song creatively and intentionally includes the word ukulele. Audiences are guaranteed to leave the show with a smile on their face, a ukulele song in their head, and the knowledge that two ukuleles really are better than one.

Tuesday August 9 - Portland, ME
Mama's Crow Bar, 189 Congress Street

Wednesday August 10 - Waterville, ME
Mainely Beers and Brewhouse, 1 Post Office Square

Thursday August 11 - Norway, ME
Norway Farmers Market, Main St.
3-6 pm

Friday August 12 - Brunswick, ME
Second Friday Artwalk, Bank of America Plaza

Saturday August 13 - Portland, ME
South Portland Public Library
Children's Music Show

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ukulele by Bicycle Tour Documentary: Spring 2011 Part 1

Check out this video, put together from the Spring 2011 leg of the Ukulele by Bicycle Tour.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've given up on trying to write actual blog posts for this tour, my twitter feed might be your best bet:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ukulele by Bicycle Summer 2011

In some very exciting news, I will be loading up the bicycle and hitting the road again in the coming summer months.  I am currently booking shows for tour segments in May and July/August. If you are involved in a community organization and would like to host a show, please check out the About section and the For Hosts/Venues section and get in touch. The following videos are also a great way to learn about the tour:

From Spartanburg, SC: If you'd like to skip the famous person gossip and head straight to my segmant, it starts at 5:25