Monday, November 15, 2010

Building Partnerships

While playing in Spartanburg, SC, a show hosted by and Partners for Active Living at the Coffee Bar, I noted to the audience that so much great work seemed to be going on in Spartanburg because different groups were working together.  After the show, one of the partners for active living and baritone ukulele player, Ned, echoed my thoughts, saying "that's why we've been so successful".  Looking back on my tour, this has certainly been a theme.  The organizations that have community support and are working with various other community factions, including business, government and other organizations, are the ones that have provided me with the most memorable experiences.

Today, on a tour of downtown Greenville, SC, Ed, of the Greenville Organic Foods Organization, pointed out the downtown recycling collectors, which are a collaboration between the art community, local businesses and the government.  Each collector features the work of a local artist and an advertisement of a local business.  The collectors are paid for by the advertisement, local businesses and artists get some exposure and recycling becomes easy and fun.  Win win win.  I am looking forward to playing in Greenville tonight.

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