Monday, April 12, 2010


"The audience enthusiastically received the performance and gave him a rousing ovation. His main reason for playing the ukulele? “It makes people smile,” said Lee, which is exactly what it did."
               - Will Gibney The Bates Student: March 23, 2010

The very talented Aaron Lee performed his Ukulele Show for a packed house at Salon Night at The Red Door Pottery Studio this past February.  As soon as he walked on the “stage” his height and rich baritone voice, in stark contrast to the diminutive instrument he plays with loving familiarity, adds immediate atmosphere to the fun and whimsy of the songs that he has written.

The appreciative audience laughed, sang and even danced as Aaron proceeded through his repertoire of original tunes (which require that the word “ukulele” appears in each song at some point).

It is a great evening’s entertainment. Aaron’s CD is often played at our studio to lighten the mood after a long day at work.

                - Elaine Xenelis Fuller, Owner of The Red Door Pottery Studio - Kittery, ME

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