Monday, April 12, 2010


What I Bring

1.   A one hour (or longer) ukulele concert
2.   I will arrive and depart by bicycle, carrying everything I need.
3.   Split a donation bucket with a local organization.

What I Need

1.   A place to pitch a tent (or other sleeping arrangement)
2.   A performance location.  Anything from a living room to a coffee shop to a community space.
3.   An audience.

Venue - Venues can be anything from a living room to coffee shop or community space, but they should be set up to encourage the audience to be focused on the show.  The ideal venue will hold anywhere from 20-40 people.

The ShowThe flow of the evening can be arranged to suit your needs.  A standard show is two 30-45 minute sets with a 30-minute break for coffee, dessert and socializing.  Other ideas include a potluck dinner or having a local musician, author or artist perform with me.

Partnering Organization – One of the goals of this tour is to raise awareness for local organizations that support their community.  I am interested in partnering with any organization that works locally including those that do work in community building, sustainability, youth development, environmental action or eating locally.  Any organization will make a great partner as long as they are working in the local community.  If you want to host a show and don’t have a partnering organization, I can work with that as well.

DonationsA donation bucket will be passed around the room for voluntary donations.  Proceeds will be split between the local organization and myself.  This will help finance the cost of my tour and also raise money and awareness for the partnering organization.

The Bicycle TourI will be touring from show to show and carrying everything that I need on my bicycle.  On an average day I will ride about 60 miles but will probably end up ranging between 20 and 80 miles.  I would like to do around 4 -5 shows a week.  I am planning on camping out, but always appreciate a bed.

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